Custom Certificate

Border Design:

Traditional Double Phoenix

These beautiful 11" x 17" Landscape certificates with gold double phoenix are our most popular, and are suitable for any style of martial art. The certificates are rendered in Japanese Kanji, English, or both Japanese Kanji and English. Set-up fee starting from $220.00, which includes basic translation and design layout.

Classic Design

The classic border design is very simple and elegant. It has four mythological animals on each corner, with blank spaces for desired information such as: Name / Dan / Rank / Date / Signature or other information.

Jujitsu E & J
*Custom certificate with no Logo*

1.11"x 17" Phoenix border with Custom Japanese & English text
certificate design fee:
Design and layout $220.00
1 certificate(Black text only) $5.00 per print $ 5.00
Total $225.00

Reprinting cost is depends on the quantity: Minimum 10 sheets $ 5.00 per sheet
20 sheets $ 3.75 per sheet
50 sheets $ 3.00 per sheet
100 sheets $ 2.75 per sheet

This price is based on Black text with Gold border printed on carefully selected white (some on off-white) 100 lb., Acid-free Archival paper. Deluxe off white colored paper is optional.

*Custom Certificate with Logo*
An additional charge for a Certificate with your Logo if you would like to have your school Logo on the top of border or watermark on the certificate.
For the logos, if you could send us each Logo image as jpg, tiff or whatever format they are in, as separate attachments. This would let us see the quality of the art work you actually have. We will give you quote for the art work if it's necessary to touch up. Art work or touch up work will be charged $ 60.00 by the hour.

Or send us the image of your patch design if you do not have a flat image of the Logo. We will recreate more professional appearance Logo for your certificate.
It will promise to support promoting your school and your business.

1.11"x 17" Phoenix border with Custom Japanese & English text
certificate design fee:
Design and layout $220.00
Logo art work ($ 60.00 x hours) $ ?
1 certificate (multiple color) $6.00 per print $ 6.00
Total $226.00 plus art work charge

Reprinting cost is depends on the quantity: Minimum 10 sheets $ 6.00 per sheet
20 sheets $ 4.75 per sheet
50 sheets $ 4.00 per sheet
100 sheets $ 3.75 per sheet

Please provide your art work for the estimate. Then we could give you close estimate for all package price for you.

Other options:
Digital insertion for individual student name, rank, and date available from $5.00 to $10.00 per certificate. Hand calligraphy insertion for individual student name, rank, and date also available from $25.00 to $35.00 per certificate.

All art work is saved for future use with no additional design costs. You pay only the reprint price.

First proofs are usually sent within a week by email. We will provide a site where you can view a proof. We will start printing after you confirmed everything is OK.
All certificates are custom made. We can modify the English text and Japanese translation depending on your needs.

Completion of your order will be based on each order and usually takes about 2-4 weeks ( including customer approval time. ) Please place your order ahead of the time you need the certificates. Include necessary information such as text, logo and layout design at the time of your order.

Rush order charge:
$ 100.00 plus special delivery fees. If your order includes stone seals, they will be shipped separately. Shipping cost for each package will be charged separately. Regular delivery will take 7 to 10 days via Expedited parcel, or special delivery request is available.

*Package price
You will receive 10% off of the cost of the Seal if you would like to order Certificate and the Seal together. If you would like to have your organization seal ( School, Dojo, Association, Federation, etc.) and / or your own personal seal ( Master, Shifu, Instructor, Sensei, etc.) including Certificate order, you will receive a package price.

For example:
1. 1" X 1 " Dragon seal stone set. Seal script.
"Aikido Seal" 4 red characters on white back ground.
10% off from $170.00 will be $153.00
1"sq.Seal Aikido SealAikido Seal
Price includes satin lined gift box / Dragon blood ceramic cased ink pad /Wood rest / translation document with carvers signature and mark./ Instruction how to use and maintain the stone.

Please provide us with personal info such as age, personality traits, other interest etc.. This will be integrated into the translation for your seal characters.

Please go to for the detail of Stone seal carving.

Double Dragon Seal set
Double Dragon Seal set