Q. I would like to order a School seal and a personal seal. How can I start?
A. Please visit our Custom stone seal carving: http://www.paperscissorsstone.com
or seal for the certificate page of Martial Arts Certificates: http://www.martialartscertificate.com
You could see some sample style and the size you like. Please email to us your exact wording for your school name and your name.
Also, ideal shape and size of stone if you know already. The artist will email you some suggestions and a quote.
After you agree with the price, please give us a call at1-866-733-0214 with your credit card information.
All stone carving is hand custom work and payment must be made before carving is done.
You may pay a deposit to start and pay the balance when the seal is ready to ship if you order more than one seal.

Q. Can I see the design before I place order?
A. Each seal is a unique custom design, especially for you. You may see some design ideas on our Custom stone seal carving website: http://www.paperscissorsstone.com. The artist will be happy to show you some design ideas after you place your order.

Q. Do you have small round seal like a Japanese hanko?
A. Yes, we have 5/8” round stone. We are happy to make your personal seal.

Q. Do you have 2”sq. Stone in stock?
A. 2” sq. is special order. We will choose the stone and order for you. It will take extra time to finish the carving.

Q. I like a simple stone without the Dragon or lion on the top. Do you have any stone like that?
A. Yes, we have simple but very beautiful colored stone. Please let us know the size you wish.
We will email some pictures for you so you can choose a very unique one of the kind stone for your seal.

Q. I like to order more than one stone seal. Any discount when I order multiple seals?
A. Yes, we will give you a set price. This will depend on the shape and size of the stone, but we are happy to make consolidated to the set in the larger size gift box.

more details about custom stone seal carving:
please visit http://www.paperscissorsstone.com