Q. Your shipping cost seems little higher than US.
A. From BC Canada, generally the cost is $20 shipping via Canada Post to US, however a handling fee is not charged.

Q. Do you ship via UPS?
A.Yes, UPS shipping costs are more than Canada Post, but if you prefer UPS services we can arrange that for you.

Q. How much does it cost to use International shipping to Europe or the UK?
A. Please check with us when you place the order. The shipping costs depends on the total weight of the package. Shipping charges do change however we can check costs and different methods of shipping to your country.

Q. Do you ship with tube or flat package?
A. We use flat package.

Q. What your method to ship and can I choose faster services?
A. Generally, we ship with Canada Post however, we could ship expedited or Express if you wish.

Q. How long to take delivery? Do you provide trucking information?
A. It will take about 7 business day from B.C. Canada to US. via Canada Post.

Q. What can we do if our package hasn’t been delivered?
A. Please check our shipping information email.
We always send the Tracking Number for your order.
Tracking numbers can be found at: www.canadapost.ca or www.ups.com

Q. Do you enclose a price sheet in the package? Our country charges heavy duty for the cost of

A. No, we do not enclose you invoice or receipt in the package.
We email you your invoice. You may print it out at your end and keep it for your reference.