Please feel free to call our toll free number 1-866-733-0214 (Pacific time) for guidance in creating your ideal certificate.
We guarantee your satisfaction.

Q. How much does it cost to create a custom designed certificate?
A. We will start from $220 to design & layout which includes the translation into Japanese.
Proofs will be provided until you are satisfied and we have created your ideal certificate image.

Q. Can I choose texture paper like Japanese handmade paper for an Aikido certificate?
A. Yes, two kinds of paper are available. One kind is off white color, heavy weight and has texture.
The other kind is Japanese handmade paper, white color and light weight. We largest we can make from either type of paper is 12”x18”.
However these types of paper are suitable only for the certificates without a printed border.

Q. I have my own wording to say on the certificate. Do you translate into Japanese?
A. Yes, we do translate into Japanese with martial art terms to make most authentic style of Certificate.
Design and layout are very carefully done by the artist.
We try to do our best to meet your goal to create your ideal certificate.
You may update any content on your certificate at any time.
We provide a proof each time you need to modify your Custom made certificate.
We only charge a minimum $20 for the minor changes. We will provide a new proof and reprint for you.
We will charge $60 per hour for the major changes of the whole wording or any other art work.

Q. How long does it take to receive the finish product?
A. This will depend on how complex the design is that you requested. Generally, we need 3 to 4 proofs before the print test.
We recommend that you plan ahead at least 3-4 weeks including delivery time from B.C. Canada.

Q. We need a few different styles of certificates. Do we have to pay $220 for each design?
A. Not necessarily. If it is a very similar design with minor changes the cost is $60 per hour.
You would be better to order Dan and Kyu rank certificate at the same time with little differences with less cost.
However, for example authenticity certificate, Shihan Kaiden sho, or Membership certificate with totally different text and format we would have to charge separately.

Q. I would like to order a custom seal with custom made certificate. What do you recommend to order?
Can I get some discount if I order all together?

A. Yes, we recommend a school seal and a personal seal which would be nice on your certificate.
You could choose from all different sizes and shapes. A School seal should be larger than a personal seal.