Q. Can I see the proof before I place the order?
A. Generally, we start to make your proof after we receive your payment information.
However, you could see some sample images.

Q. We are planning to have a promotion. I would like to order Semi custom certificates.
How far ahead should we order? I also need a name insertion for some students.

A. Sooner is better. We need pronunciation of your student’s name to fill in the Japanese side.
If your student has a Chinese name, ensure that you have the correct characters for their name before ordering the certificates.
We recommend ordering at least one month ahead of your planned promotion date if you like the certificates printed with the correct characters.

Q. We have a promotion next week. Can I order Semi Custom certificates now?
A. Because regular delivery time via Canada Post takes about seven business days it would not be possible to meet your deadline without paying for special next day shipping service which is often $150 and normally takes two days. We would do our best, however a rush order will entail an extra charge.

Q. Is there any benefit to order Semi custom certificate instead of Generic certificate?
A. Yes, we will create your own special account with your own artwork. You then only pay for the reprinting costs and shipping for your next order.
We save your artwork and you can order a reprint of your certificates any time you request. Our minimum order is $50.

Q. I ordered Semi Custom certificates before. We have a new instructor and a new school name.
Will you reprint with the new information?

A. Yes, you can update any content on your certificate at any time.
We only charge minimum $20 for the minor changes. We will provide a new proof and reprint for
you. We will charge $60 per hour for the major changes of the whole wording or any other art work.

Q. I placed an order with my payment information. May I see the proof before you print?
A. Yes, we will provide the first proof within a day or so. We will print after your confirmation.
Generally, one or two proofs are required before printing for a Semi custom certificate.

Q. I would like to order certificates with individual insertion for some students.
Do you do Hand calligraphy for their name, rank and the date?

A. Yes, we do hand calligraphy for your student name, rank and the date.
We charge $25 per certificate. We charge $30 for certain styles of certificates.