Q. What kind of the paper do you use for the certificates?
A. We use the top quality paper available in the market, 100 lb. Text weight paper is suitable for our quality of printing.
Handmade paper, which we special order from Japan, is white and light weight.
It is suitable for the authentic Aikido certificate, Kaidensho or more.
Off white texture paper has a heaver weight and is also suitable for authentic Japanese style certificate.
Both handmade papers could be sized 13x18 at the most, no border printed.

Q. I would like to place an order. How do I start?
A. Please contact us at 1-866-733-0214 (Pacific Time) when you are ready to order.
We will take your order on the phone with your payment information.
We recommend emailing us at: shiki@paperscissorsstone.com to provide your shipping address, billing address, contact number and additional details about your order.

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A: Please call us at 1-866-733-0214 (Pacific Time) with your credit card information.
We accept Visa or Master Card.

Q. I would like to order only one certificate. How much it will be?
A. Our minimum order is $50. We recommend you order a Semi Custom certificate which would be printed with your School name, Martial art style and Presenter's title and name. Additional individual insertion for the student name, Rank and Date in English & Japanese would cost $25 per certificate.
These prices depends on the style of certificate you prefer but the price is usually between $50~$70 plus shipping.

Q. I would like to order more than 10 sheets. Do you have better price for bigger quantity?
A. Yes, the price goes down if you order more.
$5 per sheet when you order 10 sheets.
$3.75 per sheet for 20 sheets or more.
$3.25 per sheet for 50 sheets or more.
$2.75 per sheet for 100 sheets or more.

Q. We teach several different styles of martial arts. Do you provide mixed certificates?
A.Yes, we could make an assorted package for you if you order Semi custom certificates.
We might have to charge extra fee for the modification of the templates you requested.

Q. I would like to order Generic certificates, but I need two(three) lines for the presenter.
A. Yes, we are happy to add another line for you.
Any request to change the basic layout of the Generic certificate costs an extra charge of $20./

Q. I would like to order Generic certificates now but what is the difference between a Generic and a Semi custom certificate?
A. Semi custom certificate we will print with your personal information as like your School name,
Martial art style and Presenter's title and name. We save your artwork in your account(file).
You could email us and request reprint with your personal information any time you wish.
We only charge printing cost at your next order. Our minimum order is $50. Refer to question #
Q. I need less than 10 sheets. Can I order less than 10 sheets?
A. $50 package come with 10 sheet of certificates.
Our minimum order is $50.
Price will be the same with handling charge if you only need 5 sheets.

Q. I have two students to promote next month. Do you print student name in Japanese for me?
A. Yes, we do print your student name in English and Japanese.
It will be Individual insertion. We charge per sheet.
Japanese only $ per certificate. English only $ per certificate. Japanese and English $20-25
It may change the price depends on the how many lines needs to translate.

Q. What is saying on Japanese side?
A. Basically, it is the same meaning as the English side, however, we use the Japanese terms which are suitable to the translation for each martial art style. Japanese use simpler sentence structure for certificates.